Writers. Artists. Engineers. Musicians. Bankers. Authors. Photographers. Salesmen. Actors. Millennials. Teachers. Fashion Designers. Bikers. Doctors. Drifters. Hermits. Quicksilver is living, breathing proof of how a motley crew of individuals can work together (in relative harmony) and conjure up big ideas.

We’ve been fortunate to have worked with some of the most admired brands around; some were giants to begin with, some we helped along their merry way. We’ve been encouraged, applauded and awarded. We’ve been mistreated, shot down and shafted.

The song remains the same, though – it’s all about the possibilities. About creating work that gets people talking. In corner offices and hazy bars. On cramped flights and eiderdown pillows. You know, interesting stuff…



Quicksilver, in Roman mythology, was the messenger of the Gods – he flitted tirelessly between the kingdom in the sky and the real world to spread the good word, verbatim.

At first, his audience hung on his every syllable, grateful for the divine tidings, but gradually, in true human fashion, grew bored. The powers that were didn’t really have too much to say, after all, and were apt to repeat themselves. The crowds began to ebb.

The enterprising Quicksilver was swift to change tack – he began to intertwine humour, anecdotes and (sometimes) even shock value, to liven up the news and decrees.

Overnight, he became a sell-out act. The people couldn’t get enough of him, and even began to apply his wisdom to their daily lives. It was the beginning of an age of prosperity and joy, and the Gods nodded their approval impassively, laughing only on the way to the bank.



Quicksilver Advertising is born.
Investment includes one PC,
a wine-red RX 100, a bed and a dream.

We move office – to a spanking new
4’x10′ address under a staircase. Borrow
a modem, get online for the first time.

Zip disks replace floppies.
A sedan replaces the RX 100.
Get 8 responses to our first “wanted” ad.

We sign up with Sierra Atlantic, T.I.M.E.,

10 Downing Street and Ocimum Biosolutions.

Earn a nomination at ADEX.

We move again – a palace-sized office this
time, with broadband and the Lizard King
on the wall. We get 53 responses to our
“wanted” ad, and pick up our first ADEX.

Google signs up. Ditto IVY Comptech. We
notch up the third-highest tally at ADEX,
with 4 awards.

Billings hit the million dollar mark – up by 500%
over the previous year. Hathway, Centuary, Novotel
Hyderabad, Thomson and Thai Airways sign up. We
pick up the “Popular Choice Award” at Kyoorius
Design Yatra, Goa.

CA, Gameshastra, Dinaz and Novotel Hyderabad Airport
sign up. Everyone and his brother responds
to our “wanted” ad. We pick up a bronze
at the Pepper Awards, Cochin.

The recession happens. All our MNC clients jump
ship. We kill time designing tattoos for ourselves.

Our first commercial airs on national TV.
We pick up the Mercure and Xtreme accounts;
and land 3 golds and 2 silvers at ADEX.
Things are looking up again.

Two more TVCs; we must be doing something right.
Neenah and Funhouse get on board.

Another TVC. We sign up HIL and LearnNext,
and design the identity for CREDAI.

Facebook, PBEL and NephroPlus get in touch. We get
just 2 silvers at ADEX (who needs awards anyway..)

We sign up with the Birthplace and Mapmygenome.
The team grows, and our average age plummets.

The year of Super Gummy and CtrlS. For some
strange reason, everyone’s talking about ‘digital’.
Were we analogue all along?

A meaningful relationship with Istana, and a failed
dalliance with WaterHealth. We take giant strides
in the online space, notching up about 10 posts on our FB

Branding for Phylosophy. Rebranding for Fluentgrid.
We turn 18; finally, the age of consent.

Karma Bites and Kamineni, Hyde Park and
Hyderabad. Lotus seeds and LB Nagar. Work’s been

Quickspace, The Online Mattress Company and
Navabharat get on the brandwagon. Our little
sibling, Phoenix Design, seems to be making more
money than us.

Mattresses, cooking oil and 8-day weeks.
Campaigns offline for Sleepkraft, campaigns online
for Straight8, Supermati hits a zillion store shelves.


Work at Quicksilver is an amazing, nicotine-fuelled high. We have free wi-fi, a decent acoustic guitar, and separate loos for boys and girls.

We work our butts off 5 days a week, and get wasted on weekends.

We’d love to hear from young writers, art types and servicing folks.

Write to us at:  careers@quicksilver.co.in



Quicksilver Advertising Pvt Ltd
1-10-84/3, Mayur Marg
Begumpet, Hyderabad - 500 016. India.

Email: info@quicksilver.co.in
Tel: +91 40 2776 1930 / 2776 7074