Quicksilver Advertising is born.
Investment includes one PC,
a wine-red RX 100, a bed and a dream.


We move office – to a spanking new
4’x10′ address under a staircase. Borrow
a modem, get online for the first time.


Zip disks replace floppies.
A sedan replaces the RX 100.
Get 8 responses to our first “wanted” ad.


We sign up with Sierra Atlantic, T.I.M.E.,

10 Downing Street and Ocimum Biosolutions.

Earn a nomination at ADEX.


We move again – a palace-sized office this
time, with broadband and the Lizard King
on the wall. We get 53 responses to our
“wanted” ad, and pick up our first ADEX.


Google signs up. Ditto IVY Comptech. We
notch up the third-highest tally at ADEX,
with 4 awards.


Billings hit the million dollar mark – up by 500%
over the previous year. Hathway, Centuary, Novotel
Hyderabad, Thomson and Thai Airways sign up. We
pick up the “Popular Choice Award” at Kyoorius
Design Yatra, Goa.


CA, Gameshastra, Dinaz and Novotel Hyderabad Airport
sign up. Everyone and his brother responds
to our “wanted” ad. We pick up a bronze
at the Pepper Awards, Cochin.


The recession happens. All our MNC clients jump
ship. We kill time designing tattoos for ourselves.


Our first commercial airs on national TV.
We pick up the Mercure and Xtreme accounts;
and land 3 golds and 2 silvers at ADEX.
Things are looking up again.